2015.6 - 2015.12

Institute for Software Integrated Systems (ISIS)                              2011.6 - 2012.11 

 Research Assistant. 

Generic Modeling Environments (GME) system for parallel computing system on GPU for image processing.

    Supervisor: Akos Ledeczi.

​​​JSlab, Feng chia University                                                              2008.6 - 2009.12 ​ 

Research Assistant.

Encryption system, watermarking, secure wireless communication system.

​    Superised by Prof. Jung-San Lee

​​​​​Symantec Research Labs (SLR)
   Research Intern. 

Design and implementation of a malware detection project, a system for detecting malicious singleton files.​

    Supervisor: Petros Efstathopoulos and Kevin Roundy.

Vanderbilt University (CERL)

  Research Assistant​.

Machine learning, game theoretic modeling of security, information security, cyber security, algorithmic game theories 

​    Supervised by Prof. Yevgeniy Vorobeychik

Bo Li

2011.8 - present